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For Purpose Organisation

Passionate About Supporting Young People

Youth Enterprises Australia (previously IMVC) is a not-for-profit organisation with over 24 year history of engaging and supporting young Victorians.

For young people facing disadvantage, the path from school to work can be tough, with many barriers to overcome. Our work is not about removing these barriers, rather it is about acknowledging that barriers do exist and providing adequate supportive frameworks to help young people to navigate those barriers so that they are better set up to succeed.

Over the last 20 years we are proud to have supported 20,000 young Australians to navigate education and sustainable employment pathways.


For Equal Opportunities

The young people who engage with us often face a variety of challenges and life circumstances, so each individual needs a different response and network of support to assist them move towards sustainable work and independence.

We believe in the power of working together to create equal opportunities for all, and that true progress and success can only be achieved when everyone has a fair chance to thrive and succeed. The strength of YEA lies in the way we work together with so many other organisations to provide supportive frameworks for young people.

  • Employers, industry networks, peak industry bodies
  • Universities, TAFEs, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Learn Local Organisations, Group Training Organisations (GTOs) and alternative education program providers
  • Government, Catholic and Independent schools
  • Employment agencies including Disability Employment Service (DES) providers, Jobactive providers, employer groups and industry peak bodies
  • Community service and health-related agencies and providers
  • Local, State and Federal Government Departments
Our purpose

Empowering Young People To Be Life Ready

YEA exists to support young people facing vulnerability in their journey from adolescence to adulthood by building their capacity, providing employment opportunities, and offering a range of supports that foster a sense of community and confidence. We provide the tools, services and space for young people to realise their greatest potential, and then champion them to do the rest.

Our Offerings

YEA For Businesses

Youth Enterprises Australia (YEA) presents a different approach to staff recruitment through the power of social procurement and a shared social mission.

Choosing YEA as a recruitment channel means accessing a pool of motivated and resilient young adults who have been equipped with the necessary training and support to thrive in the workplace.  By tapping into the potential of these emerging talents, organisations can foster a dynamic and inclusive work environment that values diversity, creativity, and fresh ideas.

  • 6 month program
  • Wrap around support
  • Versatile and scalable

YEA For Individuals

YEA is committed to empowering young individuals aged 18-25, who face diverse challenges and disadvantages. Our support extends to those dealing with long-term unemployment, disability, disengagement from school, unstable housing, and health and wellbeing issues.

We are Melbourne specialists with programs in many areas. If we don’t cover where you live and work, don’t worry, we can refer you to someone who does.

Our team of friendly and experienced case-workers and industry experts can help you with:

  • Personal and Life Skills Development
  • Exploring career and study options
  • Employability Skills Training

YEA For Parents/Carers

YEA recognise the significant role parents and carers play in the lives of young people and we aim to be a comprehensive support system, providing them with the tools and resources they need to guide and nurture their youth effectively.

We welcome parents and carers to visit us and engage in meaningful discussions about any concerns or questions they may have regarding the young person in their care. We can help with:

  • Information and Guidance
  • Referrals to External Services
  • Workshops and Training

YEA Venue Hire

Our spaces are available for hire.

Hawthorn Hub provides a unique and versatile event space suitable for workshops, small classes and social gatherings.

  • Audiovisual equipments and projectors
  • Kitchenette and bathrooms
  • Convenient location and easy access to public transport


Little Kitchen that Could is YEA’s specialist hospitality training centre, designed to provide hands-on training and education to aspiring hospitality professionals.

  • Fully equipped professional kitchen
  • Fully equipped professional coffee station
  • Professional-grade refrigerators, freezers, and walk-in coolers


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